• The Tooth Divide: Beauty, Class and the Story of Dentistry

    By Sarah Jaffe March 23, 2017

    Otto’s book begins and ends with the story of Deamonte Driver, a 12-year-old Maryland boy who died of an infection caused by one decaying tooth, and the system that failed him. In pointing out the flaws in that system, Otto takes us back through the history of dentistry and shows us how the dental profession evolved, separately from the rest of health care, into a mostly private industry that revolves almost entirely around one’s ability to pay. Read more →

  • Moving dental health into primary care

    By Modern Healthcare, Elizabeth Whitman January 7, 2017

    Expanded-practice dental hygienist Jessica Steele works with children at an Advantage-run Dental Learning Lab at Ensworth Elementary in Bend, Ore., helping introduce children to oral health. Read more →

  • Dental Care is the Missing Piece of Population Health Management

    By HealthIT Analytics December 28, 2016

    Dental care often falls by the wayside for high-risk patients, but better integration with existing population health management programs could improve outcomes. Read more →

  • Health Affairs Issue: Oral Health And More

    By Health Affairs, Tracy Gnadinger December 5, 2016

    The December issue of Health Affairs explores the state of oral health. Editor-in-chief Alan Weil writes that “the divide between dental care and medical care is vast, has significant consequences for patients, and is entirely of our own making.” Read more →

  • Most nursing home patients refuse dental care during stay, UB study concludes

    By University of Buffalo, Marcene Robinson November 22, 2016

    BUFFALO, N.Y. – Nearly 90 percent of patients at long-term care facilities don’t take advantage of dental services, even when they are free, a recent study by University at Buffalo researchers has found Read more →